Pahang Food Set At AnCasa Royale Pekan – Traditional Food and Dishes of Pahang

rice eaten with claypot patin in temerloh, pahang

Have you tasted the traditional Malay food and dishes of Pahang, especially its authentic delicacies? Well, you must certainly try them…

When in Pahang, you’ll probably hear the familiar “Moh Makan” invitation between friends and colleagues. It’s the popular Pahang Malay slang for “mari makan”, meaning “let’s eat”. It’s like the “jom makan” of the Malays in Penang, Kedah or Perlis.

You’ll perhaps hear it said very often enough because in Pahang, as in the whole of Malaysia, people enjoy nothing more than tucking into a good hearty meal.

Pahang Food Set served with white rice, Tempoyak Patin Fish, Opor Daging, Salted Fish, Local Salad and Sirap Selasih. Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak is a popular and very savory dish in the state of Pahang. It is in fact a traditional dish popular in the inland riverine areas as the Patin fish is found in abundance in the rivers of Pahang, especially in the Sungai Pahang.

Opor Daging or just plain “Opor” is a traditional dish of the people of Pahang especially in the kampungs around the Royal town of Pekan. It is usually served during traditional Malay weddings and festivals, being a traditional delicacy dish of beef or mutton/lamb, and eaten with rice, the staple food of the Malays.


Well, I bet you got to try them. AnCasa Royale Pekan are having a special Pahang Food Set promotion at only RM25.00 nett per serving. Available daily from 10.00 am til 10.00 pm.

For reservation please call 09-4246600 or visit our website


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