The Perfect Marble Cheese Cake At AnCasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur

Image result for marble cheesecake quotes

This gorgeous chocolate Marble Cheesecake tastes as delicious as it looks. When it comes to good cheesecake, it’s all about that base. Swirls of cream cheese, chocolate and more chocolate encased in a nutty, biscuity shell is the definition of decadence.

Discover our Marble Cheesecake at Saffron Brasserie. Explore new recipes and get inspired. Indulge in our special Marble Cheese Cake for the month of February 2017. Priced at only RM10.00 nett per serving and RM80.00 nett per kg. Available daily from 10.00 am til 10.00 pm. Head on to our Saffron Brasserie at AnCasa Hotel & Spa, Kuala Lumpur to enjoy this promotion.




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